This online course provides a flexible workforce capacity building strategy to enhance your organisation’s understanding and competence in better working alongside LGBTIQ people.

Who's it for?

Designed for health and human services organisations including child, youth and family workers, counsellors, teachers, psychologists, parenting educators, foster carers, psychologists, youth workers, life coaches, mentors and anyone who works with children, youth, adults, families and communities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase understanding of key terms, definitions and the ways LGBTIQ people may define their sexuality and gender identity
  • Increase confidence and understanding of your legal obligations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of prejudice and discrimination on LGBTIQ people
  • Build trust and understanding within your workplace
  • Create more respectful processes and policies in relation to LGBTIQ clients, colleagues and community members
  • Increase personal and professional skills and insight
  • Develop greater capacity to meet the needs of LGBTIQ clients — increasing the likelihood of better outcomes for them
  • Develop a more respectful, inclusive and welcoming place- for staff and service users.

Additional Information

  • This online course is offered under a group licensing model. Pricing is tiered according to the number of registrations.
  • Monthly static reports are provided for easy uploading into your HR system including staff registrations and percent completion.
  • Participants have the flexibility to start, stop and resume the course at any time.
  • Course material consists of text, videos, reflective exercises and quizzes.
  • Individual certificates issued on full completion of course.


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