What is it?

The Rainbow Tick is a quality framework that helps organisations show that they are safe, inclusive and affirming services and employers for the LGBTIQ community.

The Rainbow Tick standards, owned and developed by Rainbow Health Victoria, are designed to build lasting LGBTIQ inclusion. Accreditation is provided by an independent assessor, Quality Innovation Performance.

Organisations that receive The Rainbow Tick will have the opportunity to be listed in the national register of LGBTIQ accredited organisations.

Services can include the six standards as part of their cycle of service accreditation or can apply to do the Rainbow Tick as a stand-alone assessment subject to ongoing reassessment and quality improvement.

Who is it for?

The Rainbow Tick is for all organisations seeking to provide a safe and inclusive workplace and services for the LGBTIQ community. The six standards it incorporates are designed to be used by the whole organisation, but can also be applied to specific services or sites within an organisation.

Rainbow Tick Accreditation in the time of Covid-19

Rainbow Health Victoria and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) have put in place a range of supports to help organisations interested in, or currently working towards, Rainbow Tick accreditation to continue to your journey towards LGBTIQ inclusion.

Here are some answers to FAQs

  • Can we still be assessed for Rainbow Tick accreditation?

Yes, in agreement with Rainbow Health Victoria, QIP has implemented a remote assessment process for those organisations that are due for their accreditation assessment in the coming months.
To ensure social distancing guidelines are followed, no on-site assessment activities will proceed until further notice. Assessments will be carried out remotely.

  • Can we get an extension on our assessment date?

Yes, extensions of up to 6 months are possible, upon application to QIP.
If your Rainbow Tick accreditation assessment date or current accreditation expiry is pending, your QIP Client Liaison Officer will be in contact to discuss options available to you. This includes the possibility of undertaking your assessment using remote assessment methods.

  • How can we meet the professional development requirements at this time?

Rainbow Health have adapted our suite of LGBTIQ inclusive practice training offerings so that organisations can choose from a range of online and remote training options. See our training page for more details .

  • How do we continue to provide culturally safe and appropriate services to LGBTIQ staff and clients remotely?

It is important as we navigate our services onto new platforms and modes of delivery that we consider what the specific needs and challenges might be for LGBTIQ service users and staff at this time. You can start by reading our tip sheet. You can contact RHV or QIP anytime, and you can join our Rainbow Tick Community of Practice Group.

  • Rainbow Tick Community of Practice Group

Rainbow Health Victoria will be offering an online community of practice group for those currently working towards Rainbow Tick accreditation. This group will provide a space to ask questions, and share challenges and emerging good practice.

The first Rainbow Tick community of practice group will focus on the immediate challenges of maintaining inclusive practice work at this time, and will take place on;

Both Rainbow Health Victoria and QIP welcome any questions about your Rainbow Tick accreditation.

Your QIP Client Liaison Officer directly, or email info@qip.com.au.

Accredited Organisations


“With the Rainbow tick, whoever you are, whatever your gender, whatever your sexual orientation, there is a place here for you in this organisation, and you can be proud of that place, and proud of who you are.”

— Quinn Pawson,
CEO, VincentCare

Star Health

“Starting at a workplace that asked me my pronouns and facilitated the use of my preferred name was incredibly encouraging and has helped me to feel comfortable, included and accepted at work.”

— Staff member,
Star Health

The Melbourne Clinic

“Working towards and receiving the Rainbow Tick reinforced our team's commitment to providing the best possible service to our individual consumers and our dedication to being a welcoming culture to all. It is valued and embraced by our staff and consumers and attracts consumers and staff with similar values.”

— Sue Jones,
The Melbourne Clinic

How can my organisation become accredited?

Rainbow Health Victoria offers a range of resources that can support organisations through the process of becoming Rainbow Tick accredited. Accreditation is carried out by an independent assessor — Quality Innovation Performance.

How2 -Webinar Version


Designed around the six national standards that make up the Rainbow Tick, this version of the HOW2 program involves a series of seven online interactive webinar sessions that coach participants through the practical steps involved in embedding LGBTIQ inclusive practices within their organisation.


Seven x 3-hour webinar sessions

The Six Standards

Organisational Capability

An organisation must be able to demonstrate that it has embedded LGBTIQ inclusive practices across all of its systems and continuously seeks out opportunities for improvements.

Workforce Development

All staff and volunteers understand their responsibilities to LGBTIQ consumers and are trained and able to deliver LGBTIQ inclusive services.

Consumer participation

LGBTIQ consumers are consulted and participate in the planning, development, and review of the organisation’s services.

A welcoming and accessible organisation

LGBTIQ consumers can easily and confidently access services as the physical and virtual environments including information, structures, resources and processes, are welcoming.

Disclosure and documentation

LGBTIQ consumers, staff and volunteers feel safe providing personal information, including their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or intersex status, because they know information will be treated respectfully and that there are systems in place to ensure their privacy.

Culturally safe and acceptable services

Services and programs identify, assess, and manage risks to ensure the cultural safety of LGBTIQ consumers.


We have designed these resources to help services on their journey to becoming safe, welcoming and inclusive for LGBTIQ consumers and staff. If you’d like to understand how they are put into practice, please get in touch with us via the details below.

Tip Sheet - LGBTIQ Inclusion for Covid-19 Remote Services

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Rainbow Tick guide to LGBTI inclusive practice

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LGBTI-inclusive practice audit tool

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LGBTI-inclusive risk management - providing cultural safety

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Glossary of terms

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If you’d like more information on how to get started in becoming Rainbow Tick accredited or the HOW2 program, please contact:

Jami Jones

Manager, Education and Engagement